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Save More This Spring With These Fuel-Efficiency Tips! | Flemington, NJ

If you’re anything like the team here at Flemington BMW, you can’t wait to hit the road this spring! But, with the skyrocketing price of fuel you may be struggling with getting the most out of your vehicle’s mileage. This April, we’d like to help you with that! Below, you will find 10 fuel saving tips that will help you steer clear of the pump and enjoy more time behind the wheel on the open road! Need a helping hand to really get your ride performing at it’s peak? Schedule your service appointment with our team of Service Technicians online today! We can’t wait to get your BMW ready for all the road trips ahead!

10 Fuel Saving Tips: 

  • Keep your tires at proper PSI levels, ensure your tires are not worn, ad properly aligned
  • Remove excess weight from your vehicle to reduce drag
  • Slow down, moderate your driving to save on fuel 
  • Don’t let your vehicle idle for more than one minute 
  • Park in the shade, especially in the summer, to reduce gas evaporation
  • Use cruise control when possible and maintain constant speeds 
  • Avoid stowing heavy cargo on your vehicle’s roof, this increases drag 
  • Ease onto your brakes, extreme braking causes you to use more gas 
  • Don’t use premium gas unless your vehicle requires it 
  • Replace old spark plugs, old/ dirty filters, and replace your vehicle’s oxygen sensor

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