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Hamilton’s ex trainer enjoys life after F1

For seven years Angela Cullen was a member of Lewis Hamilton’s ‘inner circle’ of people that helped him achieve his success in Formula 1.

The personal trainer supported the seven-time World Champion in getting prepared for every F1 race, with Hamilton stating that he “couldn’t do it without her” in a previous interview from 2021.

“Basically, when I got to Formula 1, I didn’t have a trainer up until I was in F1, and I was given a trainer,” he said to media, including

“At the time, they’re all called physios. A couple of the trainers I had were not physios, but they were called the physio for the race weekend.

“It wasn’t until afterwards that I would get back and I’d see Angela, so I was like, ‘Look, why don’t you come on the road with me? I’m not training on the race weekend. I actually need a physio that knows my body and knows what it needs to be as best prepared for a race weekend’.

“Angela is generally with me until 10pm or 11pm every day, and with me from 6-7am every morning. So it’s a very important role, a very important relationship.”

Hamilton and Cullen split

The Saudi Arabian Grand Prix would be their last weekend together, as Hamilton is the one that initiated the split and claimed that Cullen wanted to “move onto a different phase in her life.”

In the weeks after the race she has been active on social media, sharing multiple shots of her ‘new’ pursuits.

“When you start a new challenge and set new goals, then you have to surround yourself with people who are obsessed with what you want to achieve!” she wrote on Instagram.

“Find people you trust, who are aligned with your core values, who can teach you and inspire you and most of all love what you are doing and have fun along the way!”

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