Small cars were once the lifeblood of the European car industry, but they’re in danger of disappearing from the continent’s roads. Ford has already killed off the Fiesta and Volkswagen is dropping hints about dropping the Polo when Euro 7 emissions regs kick in.

But Renault, a company that’s probably more closely associated with subcompacts, or superminis as they’re known in Europe, than anyone else has just refreshed its Clio so it can continue to snare buyers who haven’t yet been seduced by the idea of a small crossover.

There aren’t any great engineering changes to mention, but the front end gains a new, more aggressive look that brings it into line with recently launched Renaults like the Espace, and the back receives new lights and the firm’s updated corporate logo.

Inside, the materials are of higher quality and there are sustainable fabrics, but the general layout  – 7-inch display on cheap versions and a 9.3 on pricier cars – is largely the same as before. What is new is an Esprit Alpine trim that features sports seats and trim.

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