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Basic Upkeep For German Cars

From BMWs to Mercedes and Audi, German cars are precision machines that don’t only function well, but look great. At Avalon MotorSports in Denver, we specialize in maintaining and repairing German cars for customers all over the city. If you own one of these vehicles, here are four things you need to pay attention to in order to ensure your car’s performance. Need a German car specialist for auto repair and maintenance? Reach out to us today!

Coolant being poured into engine

Check the Coolant

In the case of most cars, off-the-shelf coolant works just fine. However, in many German cars, the coolant is specifically designed for German car operation. If you want to preserve your engine for the long run, check your coolant fairly often to make sure your car is properly cooled and cared for!

oil being poured into engine

Keep Your Oil Healthy

Every car needs to be cared for when it comes to changing and maintaining oil condition. German cars are typically engineered with precision operational processes, which means bad engine oil can have a larger adverse effect on German cars when compared with other brands. If you are hoping to have your German car last many years, pay special attention to the conditions of your engine oil!

Car battery testing

Watch the Battery Condition

As European car specialists, we always check the condition of our clients’ batteries. This is because, in German cars, the batteries tend to last for several years (four to seven, typically); however, at the end of their lives, they don’t provide much warning before dying. In order to avoid getting a dead battery, make sure you are deliberate in checking your battery condition!

Car tire closeup

Take Numerical Measurements of Tires

Many German cars tend to have low-profile tires, so a visual inspection of the tires may not suffice. As German car specialists, we recommend taking numerical measurements of your tire pressure often so that you can catch a flat before it damages your car!

As German car specialists in Denver, our team at Avalon MotorSports is  committed to caring for your car like it was our own. If you are looking to ensure your car works like it’s designed to whenever you turn that key or push that button, make sure to follow our advice for keeping your car healthy! If you are in a situation in which you need German car repair, contact Avalon today for help with your maintenance and repair!

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