Watt Electric Vehicle Company (WEVC) out of the UK is bringing a working prototype of its all-electric eCV1 commercial vehicle at the Birmingham NEC event running from April 18-20.

The eCV1 is based on the company’s flexible EV architecture and sports a central driving position much like the Tesla Semi. It has been conceived to support one, two and three-seat configurations.

WEVC has partnered with electric commercial vehicle specialist ETRUX and in addition to the eCV1 spawning a production model, the platform that underpins it will be used by ETRUX to develop a series of other offerings for the commercial vehicle market.

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 WEVC’s eCV1 Prototype Electric Truck Has A Central Driving Position And Is Lighter Than You’d Expect

The architecture, dubbed PACES, is very light and contributes to a curb weight for the chassis cab of just 1,750 kg (3,858 lbs). WEVC says it has the capacity to build platforms for up to 5,000 vehicles annually. It also notes that the eCV1 prototype will debut with a design sporting a small front area that will contribute to its efficiency.

“Our eCV1’s cabin has been designed to make their job easier, safer, and less strenuous, improving visibility, maximizing headroom, allowing them to get in and out of the van from either side, and not into traffic,” WEVC chief executive Neil Yates said. “Putting the driver at the center of things helps them avoid damage with a better view, while maximizing driving range through reduced frontal area. This layout brings a host of unique advantages – and it’s part of a raft of innovations that allow us to truly tailor a fleet of vehicles to customer requirements. We cannot wait to show people the vehicle for the first time in Birmingham next week.”

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