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New Lamborghini x Master & Dynamic Collection Announced For 2023

Master & Dynamic has announced that they have partnered with Lamborghini for a third time. The result is a collection of co-branded headphones and earphones that are undeniably Lamborghini-inspired. These include the MW75 Active Noise-Cancelling Wireless Headphones, MG20 Wireless Gaming Headphones, and MW08 Sport True Wireless Earphones.

New Lamborghini x Master & Dynamic Collection Announced

First up is the MW75 ANC Headphones that come with M&D’s Adaptive Active Noise-Cancelling. This functionality automatically adjusts the strength of the noise-cancelling depending on the environment. They come with aluminum construction and a white/black/silver design that has unique Lamborghini branding on the earcups.  

New Lamborghini x Master & Dynamic Collection Announced

Next are the MW08 Sport Wireless Earphones that feature a color scheme similar to that of the MW75s. These earphones are as comfortable as they are stylish, allowing the user to wear them for extended periods of time without even noticing that they’re in. Additionally, they come with special foam tips that create a snug fit that’s perfect for exercising. For travel,and charging, they come with a Kevlar charging case and the earphones themselves feature shatter-resistant sapphire glass. Having used these earphones on a daily basis both in and out of the gym, I can attest to the build and sound quality of these, but they really shine when used in motion. 

New Lamborghini x Master & Dynamic Collection Announced

Last, but not least, are the MG20 Gaming Headphones. I’ve also reviewed the MG20s, sans Lamborghini branding, and can say they are exceptional. Unlike the pair I use, these don a striking green color scheme with lambskin leather and sapphire glass faceplates with Lamborghini-inspired designs. Each pair of the MG20s comes with a detachable boom mic and a low-latency adapter. Even not being used for gaming, these headphones continue to excel as great audio devices for listening to music.

You can shop the entire collection by clicking here

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