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Daniel Ricciardo Outlines 2024 F1 Return Plans

Daniel Ricciardo is determined to return to the FIA Formula 1 World Championship after being dropped by McLaren F1 Team at the end of the 2022 season, but the Australian does not want his return to be rushed and based on poor decisions.

Ricciardo, a decorated race winner, will be hoping that a year away from Formula 1 will give him the edge when he looks to go back into a seat in 2024, as he looks to reset and return as a better version of himself. The eight-time race winner was a surprise exclusion off the grid this season, with Ricciardo being viewed as an extremely talented driver with plenty of experience behind him. Many reports have claimed that he turned down Haas F1 Team as he wants to return to a race-winning seat, on his terms and conditions.

Ricciardo was back in the paddock in Melbourne fulfilling his role as Oracle Red Bull Racing’s third driver, a role he took up upon leaving McLaren at the end of 2022. He was welcomed back to the paddock with open arms and is hoping that he will be back in 2024, but in a full-time role.

“I still am at a point where it’s not at any cost, it’s not just to be back on the grid,” Ricciardo said to Sky Sports in Melbourne.

“A lot of the reason for taking this year off was that I didn’t want to just jump back into a car, any car just to be one of the F1 drivers. And I still don’t see myself starting from scratch and rebuilding a career and going at it for another decade.

“I appreciate I might not have every opportunity under the sun, but I want to win, I want to be back with a top team and obviously a team where I have my confidence back and my mojo.

“I think also that’s where, maybe when I look back that’s a weakness of mine, but in a way it’s a strength as I feel better at the front of the grid. I feel like I perform in those situations with a bit more pressure and a bit more emphasis on a podium.

“So to go back and try to put myself in just any seat or something that’s fighting at best for a top-10 finish, I don’t think that’s going to bring the best out of me. So yeah, I see myself, at least in my head, wanting to go back on the grid, but there’s still some terms and conditions, so to speak.”

It is unknown whether Ricciardo will be back next season, but he is hopeful as one of Formula 1’s fan favourites, whom many not would oppose to seeing him back in a car in 2024.

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