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For $44,500, Would You Pickup This Custom Chrysler PT Cruiser?

To our eyes, the Chrysler PT Cruiser is one of the ugliest vehicles ever conceived but this example has a unique appeal to it as it is unlike any other we’ve seen before. In fact, it has been converted from an oddly-shaped hatchback into a pickup truck.

The PT Cruiser is currently up for sale through eBay with a Buy It Now price of $44,500. That’s a lot of money when you consider that standard examples can be easily found for less than $10,000. So what does the price tag buy you?

This PT Cruiser has been extensively modified by hand and is now a two-door pickup with what looks like quite a spacious bed. The seller doesn’t provide any details about who built and modified the Chrysler but does note that the custom paintwork comes courtesy of House of Kolor and is a custom mix of metallic orange and cream. The paint may not be to everyone’s taste but it’s definitely striking and impossible to ignore.

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 For $44,500, Would You Pickup This Custom Chrysler PT Cruiser?

Beyond the pickup conversion and the new paint scheme, the PT Cruiser has been outfitted with a chrome front grille, side-exiting tailpipes and clear mudflaps. The original moonroof has been retained but is now locked in place. The builder also fitted it with Lexan side windows.

While the conversion to a pickup certainly makes the Chrysler stand out, the listing notes that key safety systems have been disabled, such as the ABS, traction control, and airbags. Then there’s the fact that the car has an Ohio rebuilt title, meaning it may have been damaged in a previous life. Working in the car’s favor is the fact that it has been driven just 8,600 miles (13,840 km).

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