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Craigslist, Facebook Marketplace, Mar 18

Image for article titled Volkswagen Baja Bug, Toyota FJ Cruiser, Daihatsu HiJet: The Dopest Cars I Found for Sale Online

Photo: Craigslist

I’ve got a job for you, dear reader. Right now, pull out your phone, and open your texts. Find the five people you most recently texted, and ask them all the same simple question: What’s the best color for a car? If they say black, gray, or silver, delete their number — you deserve better. Blue, red, or green are better answers, yellow better still, but there’s only one proper choice: Purple.

In honor of the automotive world’s greatest hue, today’s installment of Dopest Cars is Oops! All Purple — every single vehicle in these hallowed slides is painted in God’s favorite vehicular shade. After all, if a car is done up in some boring, banal color, can it truly be called the Dopest?

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