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Bering Presents The New E-Protect Air Wireless Airbag Vest

French gear and equipment manufactuer Bering is no stranger to airbag technology. Back in 2011, it debuted its Protect’Air motorcycle-specific airbag device. In the years that followed, Bering innovated on its airbag tech with multiple iterations of the C-Protect Air, and now, for the 2023 model year, has released its latest version, the E-Protect Air. 

Bering’s new E-Protect Air vest is slim, compact, and easy to wear. Like its predecessor, this airbag vest is worn over a motorcycle jacket and is designed for road use. The vest now boasts a sleeker, more streamlined appearance in addition to technological improvements. To start with, the air cushions, which are inflated in less than 0.05 seconds after the detection of the accident, now deploy to protect the spine, cervical, coccyx, thorax and abdomen. Rated four stars in the SRA test, it offers further safety with the inclusion of a Protectflex back protector, and is certified level 1 according to the EN17092-6:2020 standard.

It should be mentioned that the self-contained airbag vest is comprised of an abrasion-resistant and waterproof stretch synthetic fabric in addition to the airbag technology. As a result, thanks to its 3D mesh lining, it can be utilized in various environments, particularly in hot temperatures. There is also a zipped pocket on the front for a dash of added functionality.

The E-Protect Air vest is completely wireless, and requires no tethers to be attached to the bike. The crash detection sensors are fully embedded in the vest, retaining your range of motion and mobility on the bike. Interestingly, Bering has decided not to install a rechargeable battery, but instead, two fixed batteries that provide up to 500 hours of ride time. The batteries consist of one 3.6-volt and one 9-volt unit, and can be replaced once depleted. 

Bering Presents The New E-Protect Air Wireless Airbag Vest

Specific to the French market, the Bering E-Protect Air is also connected to the IMA Group emergency call service. Available via subscription for an additional 11.99 Euros, or $12.65 USD, per month (or 299.99 Euros—or $316 USD in perpetuity), the system automatically makes an emergency call on your behalf in the event of an accident. 

Bering offers the E-Protect Air vest in four sizes ranging from XS/S, M/L, XL/XXL and 3XL/4XL. On its own, it retails for 299 Euros, or the equivalent of $315 USD, without the subscription to the emergency call service.

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