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Wheels Up Video: The Psycho Wheelstander Pulling Truck Doing What Made It So Famous!

Wheels Up Video: The Psycho Wheelstander Pulling Truck Doing What Made It So Famous!

George Stinnett’s Psycho Ford Econoline pulling truck was one of the most famous pulling machines of the 1980s. Built just like an old school drag racing wheelstander, the truck would hike the front end sky high, plant the big Dick Cepek Giant Puller tires into the pulling surface, and tug the sled.

Although the truck had “Ford Power” painted on the nose, it was sporting a blown big-block Chevy engine. It also had red plastic windows and a cab-mounted strobe light that gave off a cool effect when the body was lowered. Some guys were trying to find the original truck, presumably to restore and thrash but basically discovered that the thing had been destroyed and chopped up several years ago. The only way that Psycho will live again is if someone recreates it. We’d have absolutely no problem with that.

I can’t be the only guy who remembers this thing from the various VHS tapes and pulling shows that were floating around during the 1980s, right? The red tinted windows and the strobe light made for a cool show and the driving style that Stinnett had lived right up to the name of the truck. To be brutally honest, if I ever won the lottery I’d commission the construction of a replica of this awesome truck.

This video rules because it not only shows of the truck, but it also has a rockin’ Ted Nugent sound track.




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