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Rolls-Royce x Iris van Herpen Reveal The New Phantom Syntopia

Rolls-Royce has earned an incredible reputation for its incredible automotive luxury, comprised of opulent design, careful attention to detail, and an artisan level of craftsmanship. The same principles that Rolls-Royce applies to create their incredible cars go into the fashion world at the highest echelons of haute couture, and one of the greatest examples of this craftsmanship and mesmerizing, artful design is in the pieces created by celebrated couture designer Iris van Herpen. Known for garments that showcase a futuristic and intricate sense of motion, van Herpen’s design signatures have earned a celebrated place in the fashion world. Now, Rolls-Royce and Iris van Herpen, two greats in their respective industries, have collaborated on a new Phantom, called the Phantom Syntopia, that pushes the boundaries of what each partner in the collaboration is capable of.

According to Rolls-Royce’s CEO, the Phantom Syntopia is the most bespoke Phantom created, and it involves intense work, craftsmanship, innovation, and pioneering to create its highly unique luxury. Sources at Rolls-Royce also indicated that the highly bespoke piece cost over seven figures and took four years to be developed. The painstakingly-developed technologies used to create the paintwork and interior finishes will also be introduced to future Rolls-Royce creations for owners to create highly personalized and exquisite cars.

The pigment within the paint’s clearcoat was an innovation requiring 3,000 hours of testing and validation. The Iris van Herpen signature “Weaving Water” pattern is seen subtly on the hood and prominently in the 3D Starlight headliner, the most unique Rolls-Royce Starlight headliner ever created. The headliner alone required 700 hours of work, and the Phantom Gallery at the front required 60 hours of work, and a bespoke scent was even created to give the car a fully unique and immersive experience. A special haute couture garment will be created by Iris van Herpen to match the stunning Phantom, and the car will take its place in a private collection in May, as a one-off never to be recreated.

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