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Indian partners with Jack Daniel’s for liquor-infused c…

Indian Motorcycle has announced a partnership with the liquor brand Jack Daniel’s to create a new special edition Indian Chief Bobber Dark Horse. 

The result of the partnership between Indian and Jack Daniel’s is called the Jack Daniel’s Limited Edition Indian Chief Bobber Dark Horse, or JKLEICBDH for short.

In seriousness, this limited edition Indian Chief Bobber is stand-out for one reason in particular, which is that Jack Daniel’s Old No.7 will be mixed into the motorcycle’s “Super Graphite Metallic” paint- making the bike a world-first. 

It is the seventh special edition motorcycle to come from a collaboration between Indian and Jack Daniel’s, and has influence from Werkssm Kustom Cycles, who were also a partner on this project.

In addition to the No.7-infused paint, the motorcycle will also have several other features which mark it out from the standard Chief Bobber Dark Horse. For instance, there is Jack Daniel’s branding to be found throughout the bike, including on a Montana Silversmiths badge which also displays each unit’s unique serial number. Further, Jack Daniel’s signature can be found on the rear fender, and etched into the exhaust; the wheel rims are white-centred; the seat is solo; and there is a Klock Werkssm Flared Deflector.

Greg Luehrs, Director of Sponsorships and Partnerships for Jack Daniel’s, said: “At Jack Daniel’s we live by the motto, ‘Every day we make it, we’ll make it the best we can.’ Indian Motorcycle shares that philosophy, which is why this partnership has been such a success.

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