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Andretti ALTAWKILAT XE reveals 2023 livery – The Checkered Flag

As Andretti’s Extreme E programme begins a new era as Andretti ALTAWKILAT Extreme E, the team’s Spark ODYSSEY 21 will sport a different look to reflect their new identity. The 2023 car, which will be piloted by Timmy Hansen and Catie Munnings, was revealed on Monday.

Under their previous name of Andretti United XE, the team’s #23 car was primarily orange and black as Genesys served as title sponsor. Prior to Genesys’ arrival, however, the team had planned to sport a navy blue, white, and red palette as the colours used by Andretti Autosport and United Autosports, who co-own the outfit.

“Great to see the inclusion of the Andretti blue that is tied so famously to the Andretti legacy, while also keeping the topographical theme that we have had since Season 1 in our Extreme E journey,” Munnings commented. “The livery design really speaks to the terrains and environments we race in as part of this off-road championship.”

While ALTAWKILAT does not use a certain colour in its branding, the new partnership allowed Andretti and United to restore the original trio. The car features a blue base that runs from the hood to the back, while the sides and roof are white. The new team logo is adorned on the doors and below the front windscreen.

“The new livery looks great with the blue and white,” said Hansen. “We are really excited to go into Season 3 with a new look but the same great team underneath us. The calendar looks great for this season, and I’m excited to get to the first race and get out on track with ALTAWKILAT Andretti XE.”

ALTAWKILAT is a Saudi automotive dealership firm who joined forces with Andretti in February, which is rather appropriate as the 2023 Extreme E season will begin in Saudi Arabia this weekend. Munnings and Hansen, who signed multi-year contract extensions in November, are coming off a seventh-place points finish with a best finish of third at the second Island X Prix.

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