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Alfa Romeo CEO Hints At The Return Of The Alfetta As A Compact EV Hatch

This story contains speculative CarScoops renderings that are not related to or endorsed by Alfa Romeo

Alfa Romeo discontinued all of its hatchbacks in favor of SUVs, but it seems that the bodystyle will make a return in the future, together with the Alfetta nameplate. Jean-Philippe Imparato, the CEO of the Italian brand, recently spoke about the upcoming model that will compete in the compact segment and feature a fully electric powertrain.

The plans were revealed during an interview with the Italian magazine Quattroruote. “The C-segment for Alfa Romeo will not be just the Tonale. What I want to do is an Alfetta,” said Imparato. He also provided insights into the vehicle’s exterior design, describing it as a compact hatch that will have a “very cool” look.

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Speculative illustrations of a sporty compact Alfa Romeo EV

The original Alfa Romeo Alfetta, produced between 1972 and 1987, came in two different bodystyles: a traditional four-door sedan known as the “Berlina”, and a three-door fastback coupe bearing the “GT” and “GTV” badges. Reading between the lines, we guess that the latter will serve as an inspiration for the electric reincarnation, which will likely feature an aerodynamic silhouette and come with five doors for practicality’s sake.

Alfa Romeo ceased production of both the MiTo subcompact (2008-2018) and the Giulietta compact hatchback (2010-2021) to focus on SUVs. The former will be indirectly replaced by an upcoming subcompact SUV while the latter has already been succeeded by the Tonale. Luckily for the Alfisti that prefer low-slung bodystyles, the Alfetta might become a proper successor to the Giulietta, allowing the Italian brand to compete with a large number of EV hatchbacks from other automakers.

In terms of powertrains, the Alfetta will be fully electric, with a sporty setup worthy of Alfa Romeo’s heritage. Imparato didn’t get into specifics, but the most plausible scenario would be for the Alfetta to share its STLA underpinnings with the Lancia Delta electric hatchback that has been confirmed for 2028.

 Alfa Romeo CEO Hints At The Return Of The Alfetta As A Compact EV Hatch

The gorgeous Alfa Romeo Alfetta GTV6 from the ’80s

The Alfa Romeo CEO admitted that the Alfetta is a “very European formula” and an “exception to the product plan” that is largely focused on global models. However, he wants to make it happen if the other offerings bring enough money into the registers and help establish the automaker in more markets.

Alfa Romeo has already decided on its product plan for the next few years, which includes a new model launch every year. However, according to Imparato, the company will decide on the specific product plan for the 2028-2030 period this September. This decision will include the possible green light for the Alfetta hatch. If approved, the earliest possible debut for the Alfetta hatch would be in 2028, one year after Alfa Romeo discontinues its ICE-powered range, becoming an EV-only automaker.

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