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VW: These Are The 10 New EVs Coming By 2026

Volkswagen CEO Thomas Schäfer has officially confirmed that the company will launch 10 new electric models by 2026. Combining all the available information, spy shots, and reports, we broke down those 10 EV debuts in a single story so you are prepared for the zero-emission Volkswagens coming your way in the next three years.

All of the upcoming EVs by VW will be based on the upgraded MEB Plus architecture bringing advancements in range, technology, safety, and performance compared to the current variant of the platform that was originally introduced in 2019. The next step for Volkswagen is the new SSP (Scalable Systems Platform) modular architecture but this won’t be introduced in a production vehicle before 2026.

2024 VW ID.3

 VW: These Are The 10 New EVs Coming By 2026
The 2024 VW ID.3 will remain instantly recognisable with minor styling changes mostly focused on the front bumper.

Starting in a chronological order, the first EV launch will be the 2024 VW ID.3 which is set to debut on March 1st. The company calls it a second generation but it is clear we are talking about a mid-lifecycle facelift of the compact EV. Teasers have confirmed that visual changes will be mild, including a sharper-looking bumper, a body-color bonnet, and fresh LED graphics for the headlights / taillights.

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More important changes are expected inside the cabin with improved quality, sustainable materials, and a larger 12-inch infotainment touchscreen on the reshaped dashboard. Specifications will largely remain the same as proven by the order books which are already open, showing an increase in prices.

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2024 VW ID.7

 VW: These Are The 10 New EVs Coming By 2026
The 2024 VW ID.7 will be the brand’s first fully electric sedan.

 VW: These Are The 10 New EVs Coming By 2026
Unlike the camoulfaged exterior, the interior of the ID.7 has already been revealed in its full glory.

Next up is the 2024 VW ID.7 which is scheduled to debut on April 17 at the Shanghai Auto Show, with parallel events taking place in Germany and in the US. The electric sedan will rival the Tesla Model 3 and other similarly-sized models, hoping to steal a portion of the sales pie in major markets including China, Europe, and North America.

The production version of the 2022 ID.Aero concept was previewed at the 2023 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, hiding its slightly toned-down styling features under a fancy camouflage wrap but fully unveiling its interior. The latter features a 15-inch free-standing infotainment touchscreen, a smaller digital instrument cluster, an augmented reality head-up display, and digitally controlled “Smart Air Vents” for the air conditioning system. If you are wondering about the presence of the touch-sensitive steering wheel buttons, VW recently promised to get rid of them in all of its models, but this will happen later as part of a model year update.

VW didn’t announce the technical specifications of the ID.7 but promised an electric range of up to 700 km (435 miles). This is most likely close to the limit of the MEB Plus architecture with the current battery tech and capacity.

Hotter Variants Of The ID.3 And The ID.7

 VW: These Are The 10 New EVs Coming By 2026
The VW ID.3 GTX won’t be as extreme as the full-blown R models, but it will pack plenty of performance.

The next two EV debuts will be the performance-focused variants of ID.3 and the ID.7, likely called GTX. While VW is reportedly considering dropping the GTX nameplate and replacing it with the GTI, we don’t know if this decision has already been taken and if it will take immediate effect. The hotter ID.3 was previewed by the 2021 VW ID.X Concept featuring sporty exterior and interior touches.

As reported by Automobilwoche, the ID.3 GTX and ID.7 GTX will introduce a more powerful dual-motor powertrain producing 345 hp (257 kW / 350 PS). Later on, this setup is expected to be inherited by the ID.4 GTX and ID.5 GTX, improving on the current power output of 295 hp (220 kW / 299 PS) and providing them with better performance figures.

Mind you, VW is also working on full-blown R variants of some of its electric models, as the performance sub-brand will go EV-only by 2030. We have yet to learn which models will get the R treatment but those will certainly pack more power and offer more extreme performance than the lesser GTX (electric), GTI (petrol), GTE (PHEV), and GTD (diesel) derivatives.

2025 VW ID.7 Wagon

 VW: These Are The 10 New EVs Coming By 2026
The estate variant of the ID.7 will look similar to the pictured ID. Space Vizzion concept from 2019.

In 2024, VW is expected to show the estate bodystyle variant of the ID.7, further expanding its EV range to cover new segments. The zero-emission equivalent to the ICE-powered Passat Variant that will also get a new generation was closely previewed by the 2019 VW ID. Space Vizzion concept. When it arrives, it will serve as a low-slung alternative to SUVs offering a similar level of practicality while mirroring the technical specifications and design of the ID.7 sedan.

Facelifts For The ID.4 And The ID.5

Next year will be the turn of the ID.4 for a mid-lifecycle update, with the closely-related ID.5 coupe-SUV likely following in 2025. This is exactly four years after their original debuts, in line with Volkswagen’s strategy. The facelifted SUVs are expected to gain similar upgrades with the ID.3, including improved quality inside the cabin.

Entry-Level EV Hatchback And Crossover

 VW: These Are The 10 New EVs Coming By 2026
This mule hides VW’s upcoming entry-level EV hatchback under a shrunken ID.3 body.

One of the most anticipated premieres by Volkswagen is the new entry-level EV hatchback. Development of this model started before Schäfer became the CEO of Volkswagen, but after the lackluster response to the 2021 VW ID.Life concept the company changed plans and opted for a complete redesign. According to the latest information, the compact-sized model will be previewed by a concept in mid-March 2023, but the production version will not arrive before 2025. While it was initially dubbed ID.2, rumor has it that it might adopt the ID. Golf moniker, as VW officials are keen on keeping the historic name alive in the EV era. Sources familiar with the matter suggest that VW is also considering a hot hatch variant, possibly bearing the GTI emblem.

A crossover variant of the entry-level EV will likely follow in 2026. Some media refer to the model as the ID.2 X although its final name has yet to be announced. Expect an increased ground clearance and a bulkier body than the hatchback, allowing VW to offer it at an increased price point despite sharing most of its underpinnings with its low-slung sibling. The smaller EV duo by VW will be the zero-emission equivalents of the ICE-powered Polo and T-Cross, and be produced alongside their closely related siblings from Cupra and Skoda.

Compact EV Crossover

Last but not least, an ID.3-sized crossover has been officially confirmed by Schäfer, slotting below the ID.4. The CEO spoke about a dramatically different exterior design compared to the mechanically related ID.3, bringing greater differentiation in the VW range. The crossover will certainly debut before 2026, but it is not clear if it will be called the ID.3 X, or adopt the ID. Tiguan nameplate instead.

Are you excited by any of the afformentioned EV debuts? Up to date, it is the VW ID. Buzz that generated the most enthusiastic response from the public. Speaking of which, the minivan’s long-wheelbase US-spec version will arrive in 2024, with the ID. Buzz California camper following in the second half of the decade.

Volkswagen has pledged to go EV-only in Europe by 2033, which is two years before regulations effectively ban sales of ICE-powered vehicles in the Old Continent. The company will keep selling combustion-engined vehicles in North America and China for a little bit longer, but will eventually go EV-only there as well.

 VW: These Are The 10 New EVs Coming By 2026
A prototype of the long-wheelbase US-spec VW ID. Buzz was caught undisguised by our spy photographers.

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