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The Most And Least Popular Car Brands Among Women In The US

Some 55% of all new Buick buyers are female, well above the 41.2% industry average

by Brad Anderson

March 5, 2023 at 15:35

 The Most And Least Popular Car Brands Among Women In The US

by Brad Anderson

An interesting new study from S&P Global Mobility has revealed which car manufacturers are most popular among female buyers in the United States and the results may, or may not, surprise you.

The study analyzed the popularity of vehicles among female shoppers through two methods. The first part of the study looked at the share of males and females who buy vehicles from certain brands while the second part determined the highest volume of registrations among women.

S&P Global Mobility revealed that Buick is the carmaker with the highest female buyer representation, with some 55 percent of its sales going to female buyers, sitting well above the industry average of 41.2 percent. Buick was followed by Mitsubishi with 51.4 percent, Mini at 51.1 percent, Lexus with 50.4 percent, and Infiniti at 49.6 percent, while both Mazda and Kia sold 49 percent of new vehicles to female buyers.

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Highest female buyer representation
Buick 55.0%
Mitsubishi 51.4%
Mini 51.1%
Lexus 50.4%
Infiniti 49.6%
Mazda 49.0%
Kia 49.0%
Industry average 41.20%

Toyota was the carmaker that sold the greatest number of new vehicles to female buyers in 2022. Indeed, the company sold 606,985 vehicles to female buyers last year, representing 43.3 percent of its total U.S. sales. It was followed by Honda with 363,799 units, Chevrolet with 340,999 units, Ford shifting 313,477 units, and Hyundai selling 294,380 vehicles to female buyers.

There are some brands that really don’t appeal to all that many female buyers. Ram proved to be the least popular among female buyers with just 17 percent of its buyers being the fairer sex. It was followed by GMC (28.7 percent), Ford (31.1 percent), Tesla (33.1 percent), and Dodge (33.9 percent).

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Lowest female buyer representation
Ram 17.0%
GMC 28.7%
Ford 31.1%
Tesla 33.1%
Dodge 33.9%

Chief diversity officer for S&P Global Mobility, Marc Bland, says a number of factors explain Buick’s popularity among women. For example, GM has a Women’s Retail Network with female dealer principals and department managers. GM’s chief executive, Mary Barra, is also popular among buyers and has made safety a priority at the carmaker, something that has resonated with female customers. Additionally, Buick’s range consists solely of compact and midsize SUVs.

Highest volume of registrations among women
Brand Volume Women % of total
Toyota 606,985 43.0%
Honda 363,799 48.0%
Chevrolet 340,999 35.0%
Ford 313,477 31.0%
Hyundai 294,380 48.0%

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