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Electric snowmobile charging getting much faster for Taiga Motors

Electric marine and off-road vehicle manufacturer Taiga Motors announced that owners of its electric snowmobiles will soon have access to a new over-the-air (OTA) update, enabling DC fast charging capabilities to existing battery hardware.

Taiga Motors is a Quebec-based manufacturer that continues to reimagine the powersports segment for an all-electric future. Last month at the Miami Boat Show, we spoke with the Taiga team who had their all-electric Orca watercraft on display, and Electrek‘s own Fred Lambert has already been lucky enough to test one out on the waters on Canada (still jealous).

In addition to watercraft, Taiga had long been promising to deliver an electric snowmobile which we got our first taste of back in 2019. The three models introduced feature a 27 kWh battery pack, with an estimating range of about 96-140 km (60-87 miles).

However, the best charge rate you could achieve was on a 240V level 2 charger which takes about 3.5 hours. To support its electric snowmobiles, Taiga then launched its own off-road level 2 charging network. Production of the electric snowmobiles officially kicked off in late 2021 followed by first customer deliveries about a year ago beginning with its Nomad model. The production model offers a range up to 100 km (61 mi).

With a nearly a year of production under its belt, Taiga Motors is now adding DC fast charging capabilities to its electric snowmobiles.

electric snowmobile
Credit: Taiga Motors

Taiga enables electric snowmobiles to charge in 30 minutes

According to a release this morning, Taiga Motors is releasing the OTA update to its electric snowmobiles that will allow DC fast charging and replenishment times of 0-80% in 30 minutes. Following the update, owners can plug into any Taiga charger or standard EV DC fast charger using the CSS 1 combo connector each Nomad snowmobile is already equipped with.

With the OTA update, Taiga hopes its riders can spend more time riding and exploring rather than waiting on a charge. Taiga CEO Sam Bruneau spoke:

Introducing the fastest charging option available on the market to our already industry-leading range of up to 100 kilometers is a game changer for our customers, and to Taiga’s mission of accelerating powersports electrification. It’s ideal for traveling extended distances, requiring only a short stop for coffee or lunch along the way – unlocking great adventures without emissions and significant cost savings on fuel.

The charging update will initially roll out as a Beta to Taiga’s early adopters. Nomad snowmobile owners will receive a prompt on their vehicle’s display regarding the OS update and can accept and enable DC fast charging from there. Taiga’s chief technology officer Gabriel Bernatchez also spoke to the update and what it means for its electric snowmobile customers:

We are excited to roll out the DC Fast Charging feature via an over-the-air Taiga OS update, showcasing our future-proof hardware design ethos, enabling continuous product improvements even after customer have taken ownership of their vehicle. This Beta roll out will allow our early adopters to experience nature further in our shared pursuit of electrification across powersports.

The Taiga Nomad is available for order now.

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