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CFMoto’s looking to establish up to 30 UK dealers by 2024

CFMoto’s on a bit of a roll. The company’s been churning out development after development for quite a while now, and now news of the brand’s ambition is coming to us. Motorcycle News reports that the marque’s looking to recruit up to 30 new dealers in the United Kingdom (UK) by 2024. 

Motorcycle News was able to get an exclusive with CFMoto distribution executives, and it looks like the brand is very excited and pretty ready to get set up and start selling a lot of motorcycles. 

The company that just unveiled its latest and greatest middleweight naked motorcycle, the CFMoto 800NK, is looking to expand further. Its ambitions include plans to recruit up to 30 new dealers with support coming from Pierer Mobility. If you didn’t know, Pierer’s responsible for brands like GasGas, Husqvarna, and KTM, plus WP Suspension. 

Prior to this development, it was announced in late October of last year (2022) that KTM would take over the distribution of the Chinese manufacturer in the UK and Ireland. January 2023 marked the start of this turnover, and now it’s been confirmed that the bosses of KTM want between 20 to 30 dealers to rise in the near future. 

The reason why KTM’s also pretty stoked about this partnership is that CFMoto’s a business partner of the Austrian brand, and CFMoto also benefits by being able to use KTM engines, with the prime and only example (for now at least) being the LC8C parallel-twin motor in its 799cc configuration. Think KTM 790 Adventure, 790 Adventure R, and 790 Duke. Currently, CFMoto has two models that sport the LC8C, namely the 800 MT and the 800 NK. 

Currently, CFMoto’s a small player in the UK market, but that might soon change as the brand is planning to expand soon. With similar powertrains, however, it seems unlikely that you will be able to take a KTM-powered CFMoto motorcycle to a KTM dealer in the future. CFMoto’s boss commented in the exclusive, stating that warranty and service work needs to be taken care of by the brand-specific dealer rather than a KTM one. 

On top of that, it was stated that the CFMoto 800 NK will be launched later this year in May or June, and it will be poised to rival other new parallel-twin bigger-than-650cc middleweight motorcycles from Honda, Suzuki, and Yamaha. 

For more details about this exclusive and the quotes from the executives, do check out Motorcycle News’ coverage listed in the sources section down below. 

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