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We chat to Broc Pearson after a trying start to the season

Broc Pearson

Trevor Hedge: Broc, it must be a disappointing weekend, you look gutted, take us through it, I know you had some technical problems over the weekend, did that continue into that last race as well?

Broc Pearson: “Yeah, we faced them all weekend on and off and today we didn’t get on top of them, unfortunately. So a little bit of a disappointing result to what has been a good lead up in terms of testing.

“We were pretty fast at Sydney considering how many laps we’d done. Even here I was pretty fast in the lead up to this event. I battled guys prior in the lead up to here , that were on the podium today, so we just need to get on top of it.

“I’m not upset that we have problems, obviously it’s not enjoyable, it’s more or less the team getting on top of them and realising the importance of it.

“The boys all want to win as much as I do and be at the front of the field. We have got a lot of things to get on top off and luckily for us this is a long season and we’re going to keep building and get on top of it.”

Broc Pearson - Image RbMotoLens
2023 mi-bike Australian Superbike Championship presented by Motul – Round One – Phillip Island – Broc Pearson – Image RbMotoLens

Trev: Are the problems mainly electronic gremlins, I think the quick-shifter was one of them?

Pearson: “In short yeah, it’s been a range of those sort of things. As a rider I’m trying not to get too involved, I just want to ride the bike and not have to worry about too much else. So the boys have a little on their hands to diagnose what’s going on, and once we do that we’ll be fine.”

Trev: With the problems you experienced, you still managed to bring it home in all three bouts and actually collected pretty decent points. You happy with the job you did?

Pearson: “I did what I could. I’m glad we got points in every race, but we don’t turn up just to get a handful of them and go home.”

Trev: Did you get to follow Josh Waters at any point during the weekend?

Broc Pearson chasing Bryan Staring - Image RbMotoLens
Broc Pearson chasing Bryan Staring – Image RbMotoLens

Pearson: “No, I did not see him on track at any point. I’m not concerned about that either, I need to focus on myself.”

Trev: Would you say that Phillip Island is perhaps the track where you have generally struggled most? And how do you rate your chances at SMP later this month, a track where you probably have the least experience of any of the venues on the calendar, outside of Hidden Valley?

Pearson: “Phillip Island is a strange one for me, because I’ve had the odd day where I feel super comfortable and others I don’t click. But I enjoy the circuit. I have not had much time at Sydney, that is for sure, but the circuit suits my style a lot better and I’m certain we can be strong there. My goal is to be inside the top 5, I need to be there. After we do that, we can readjust our goals. I have never been to Darwin so I will have less experience there too. I adapt to tracks pretty good so I’m not too concerned.”

Trev: Good luck at the next one.

Broc Pearson at the Phillip Island season opener – Image RbMotoLens

Superbike Championship Points

Pos Rider Bike Pole R1 R2 R3 Total
1 Josh WATERS Ducati  1 25 25 25 76
2 Mike JONES  Yamaha 17 18 18 53
3 Troy HERFOSS Honda 20 17 16 53
4 Glenn ALLERTON BMW 18 15 17 50
5 Cru HALLIDAY Yamaha 20 20 40
6 Arthur SISSIS Yamaha 10 16 14 40
7 Ted COLLINS BMW 15 13 12 40
8 Bryan STARING Yamaha 9 14 15 38
9 Matt WALTERS Aprilia 14 11 9 34
10 Broc PEARSON Ducati 11 12 10 33
11 Scott ALLARS Yamaha 13 8 7 28
12 Michael KEMP Yamaha 12 7 5 24
13 Lachlan EPIS BMW 8 13 21
14 Paris HARDWICK Kawasaki 10 8 18
15 Mark CHIODO Honda 16 16
16 Jack DAVIS Suzuki 9 6 15
17 Max STAUFFER Yamaha 11 11


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