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Podcast Episode 11 How A.S.E Tests are Made – Humble Mechanic

Have you ever wondered how ASE tests are written? On today’s automotive podcast, are looking at how A.S.E tests are born. For those of you that may not know, ASE is the industry standard in testing automotive techs, as well as many other parts of the auto industry.

As you know, I spent several days in VA at a workshop for the A7 A.S.E test. This is a workshop where the A7 test is evaluated. Not only is it evaluated, but this is also the early steps of changing the test. So for all you dealer guys and gals, this is were we get rid of questions about vacuum controllers.

Today we talk about:

  • Who writes ASE tests
  • More about A.S.E. testing
  • How Questions are made
  • The rigorous review process
  • Fact checking
  • And More

If you are having trouble viewing, you can see the video on YouTube at “How A.S.E. Tests are Made”

Like every episode, your comments are welcome on appreciated. I work hard to give you guys the content you are looking for. The best way to be sure of that is to let me know. You can either post comments and questions below, or use the contact me page.

I will be traveling this week. That means there may not be a Thursday tool review, or a Friday show. I have a billion things to get set before flying to Austin for the USGP. I will do a blog post with more info about that as I get it.

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