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The Jetta and Beetle Axle Recall ~ Video – Humble Mechanic

IMG_9916A ton of you guys have asked me about this recall on the Jetta and Beetles. This new recall is related to the rear axle, specifically the trailing arms. So today I am going to break down exactly what this VW recall does. I will just let you know up front that it is NOTHING to panic about. Your VW will not explode or anything like that. It is actually to help prevent an issue if your VW is in a collision.

Join me today as we recall:

  • effected VWs on this recall
  • Rear trailing arms
  • What this VW recall does
  • Why you need to get this VW recall done
  • How long the recall takes
  • A rare on camera Charles rant
  • and more

Trouble viewing? Watch “The Jetta and Beetle Axle Recall ~ Video” on YouTube.

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