Tesla might have let us all in on some design details surrounding its next-generation electric vehicle platform. The images come from an event centered around the opening of Tesla’s new engineering headquarters in Palo Alto, California. Sketches seen in a video from the event don’t look all that different from the mysterious testing mule we’ve seen recently either.

Late last night, February 22nd, Tesla held a grand opening event for its new engineering headquarters in California. Just before the event began, it played a long video highlighting the company’s achievements. During the film, there’s a small snippet showing a number of sketches on a desk.

Out of about eight different cars shown only one looks like a production Tesla model. The rest all appear to be unreleased crossovers likely of the same type. While it’s tough to say for sure what it is that we’re looking at, the design certainly looks like it’s more modernized and recent than we expect it would be if it was penned years ago.

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It also looks somewhat similar to a very strange testing mule recently spotted in China. That particular vehicle raises more questions than it provides answers. For instance, if its a Tesla, why would they utilize a Mazda CX-30 body for any sort of testing whatsoever? If it was a Mazda or another brand’s vehicle to benchmark something, why add the Tesla-style (and very obvious) lighting elements to the front and back?

What we do know is that Tesla is already working on its next-generation platform and that its long-promised consumers that it would offer a smaller and more affordable car than the Model 3. The crossover pictured in the video sure does seem to fit that potential bill.

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It’s important to point out that for all we know this was some sort of prank or even less, nothing important at all in Tesla’s eyes. The drawings seen in the video could be long discarded prototypes that’ll never get anywhere near production. But they could be a future model that’s just around the corner too.

H/T to Insideevs