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Steiner explains key factor behind unique Haas 2023 solution

Guenther Steiner believes Haas’ decision to have a three-man Formula 1 pit wall could save the team nearly $250,000 in transportation costs in 2023.

On the first day of pre-season testing in Bahrain, Haas revealed their new pit wall set-up which only features three seats, with other teams retaining their five or even seven seater set-ups.

In reducing the size of the unit to feature space for just Team Manager Peter Crolla, Trackside Engineering Director Ayao Komatsu and Steiner himself, the Haas boss feels massive savings can be made to the team’s budget.

Steiner on Haas solution

“It is,” replied Steiner when asked by media including if the decision was a cost saving exercise.

“When you need to make efficiency [savings] you look at everything.

“When you need money to invest in development, because we have the cost cap, where do you [make those savings?]

“Do you have six people out there [on the pit wall] or have a quarter of a million for car updates? I know what we are doing.

“The guys came up with the idea, and I said: ‘If I need to stay inside, I have no problem in doing that.’

“I don’t need to be there and with three seats, we can cover what we need to cover and we rearrange.

“But it’s mainly saving to put that money into development because you have the cost cap.”

Not all Team Principals sit on the pit wall, with Mercedes boss Toto Wolff preferring a spot at the back of the garage to oversee operations, while Red Bull’s Christian Horner takes his place once team members are cleared to access the pit wall when the race start has taken place.

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