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RainEater Wiper Blade Review ~ Video – Humble Mechanic

Wiper blades are one of the most important things on a vehicle. Sadly they are also very often overlooked. Or people opt for the cheap $4 blades that do not last, or do not properly clear the windshield. As a dealer tech, I am very much a fan of factory wiper blades. So when the folks at RainEater asked me to check their wipers out, I jumped on that challenge. Overall I was impressed with the build quality of these wipers. I also like that they are not capped at the end of the blade like the factory ones. That is one less failure point.

Join me today as we test drive RainEater wiper blades:

  • What I look for in a wiper bladeRainEater wiper blade review
  • Compare to OEM wipers
  • First non OEM wipers on my Passat
  • Ease of install
  • Cleaning the windshield
  • Pros of RainEater wiper blades
  • Cons of RainEater wiper blades
  • Demo of OEM wiper blades
  • Demo of RainEater wiper blades
  • RainEater on Facebook
  • and more

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Overall I think these are pretty good wipers. I left them on my Passat for a long term update.

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