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Gino Rosato and Jonathan Giacobazzi to leave Ferrari F1 team

In Formula 1, the three-day pre-season testing began at the Bahrain International Circuit, one week before officially starting the new world championship in Sakhir. But in addition to what is emerging from the track, the news that is coming from Ferrari takes center stage. Inaki Rueda is no longer the head of strategy: the continuous mistakes made by the (former) Ferrari chief strategist during the 2022 Formula One championship proved to be fatal for the Spanish engineer. Inaki Rueda therefore leaves the pit wall, to cover another role in the Ferrari Racing Division, but a more marginal one.

The one who will be taking Inaki Rueda’s place is Ravin Jain, the English engineer who had been working since 2021 in the group led by the Spaniard within the Maranello team. Actually Jain has joined the Italian side in 2016 with a minor role until last season. The Anglo-Indian is therefore one of the figures hired by the late Sergio Marchionne, when the Italian-Canadian was the President of Ferrari.

But Frederic Vasseur’s (inevitable) decision to make some changes is not only linked to Inaki Rueda alone. According to a recent report from the RMC Motori website, reported by Paolo Ciccarone, two other key figures will be leaving the Maranello team: Gino Rosato and Jonathan Giacobazzi. For the Italian-Canadian it is a very unexpected departure, considering that Gino Rosato has been an important figure in Maranello in recent years. He started working for Ferrari part-time in 1991 and full-time in 1997. The Italian-Canadian had been the Executive Vice President of Lotus Group since 2009 and returned to Ferrari in 2014. For Gino Rosato now seems to be heading to Aston Martin according to some rumours.

The other important exit is that of Jonathan Giacobazzi, an important figure of the Ferrari marketing department. However, Giacobazzi will still work for Ferrari, but not for Formula 1-related activities: the Experienced External Relations Coordinator with a demonstrated history of working in the automotive industry will cover the same role in the WEC. His role in Formula 1 will be incorporated by team principal Vasseur, who will therefore be involved on several fronts. Not only as a team principal.

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In practice, the Frenchman after taking over the reins of the Italian team by replacing Mattia Binotto, has in fact already started the “red revolution”. Behind that calm and smiling face hides a figure who does not look anyone in the face, continuing on his way without any fear. And it is very likely that the current restructuring process (with possible further twists and turns) inside the Scuderia is only at the beginning! Other figures could leave the team in the next few months.

No more mistakes will be allowed in Maranello, this seems to be the “indirect” message from Frederic Frederic to all the men of the Prancing Horse. Perhaps Ferrari in Formula 1 has really found the right man to lead the Italian team. Fred Vasseur has never led a top team in F1 until now, however the feeling is that the French manager is a fair, but ruthless person, prepared and transparent at the same time, qualities which are necessary to lay the foundations for a bring future in Formula 1 for Ferrari.

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