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Ducati 1-2-3-4 in WorldSBK FP2 at Phillip Island

2023 MOTUL FIM Superbike World Championship

Round One – Phillip Island

World Superbike FP2

A track temperature approaching 50-degrees didn’t prevent Alvaro Bautista from banging in a 1m30.927 early on in FP2 to set a new benchmark for the day.

It didn’t look easy though as Bautista continued his long run with the Ducati slipping and sliding all over the place beneath the diminutive Spaniard. Nonetheless he just keep reeling off 1min31s and looked to be in a class of his own in these hot conditions.

It was a Ducati 1-2-3 for the majority of the FP2 session. Alvaro Bautista leading Michael Rinaldi and Philipp Oettl. Bautista and Rinaldi two of the few riders to actually prove quicker this afternoon than in the cooler FP1 session.

Andrea Locatelli was the first to be able to split the Ducati trifecta, moving up to P3 with 18-minutes remaining in the 45-minute session.

With 15-minutes remaining in the session Jonathan Rea was languishing down in 16th position.

Remy Gardner was just inside the top ten for the majority of the session and improved to P8 with 14-minutes left on the shot clock but was still two-tenths off his FP1 best.

The fire went out on Rinaldi’s V4 R as he went to exit the pits for his final run and had to push his machine back to his pit garage, which luckily was situated closest to the pit exit.

With just over eight minutes remaining Danilo Petrucci made it a Ducati 1-2-3 on top once again after pushing Locatelli back to fourth. Dominique Aegerter then pushed Locatelli further back to fifth to become the fastest Yamaha in the session. Not for long though as Gerloff then stole that fourth place off Aegerter next time around.  Locatelli then went down at turn ten while trying to improve his standing.

With seven-minutes remaining Bautista was back out on fresh rubber and went immediately quicker. A 1m30.623 then backed it up with a 1m30.929.

His Aruba Ducati team-mate got out just in time to get another lap in and Rinaldi was actually quicker than Bautista through the first split but the lap went away from him

Philipp Oettl then sprang back up to third place to push Petrucci back to P4 and as the chequered flag came out it was Ducati 1-2-3-4 in this second practice session. Clearly when the track conditions are hot the Ducati has a distinct advantage, whether that be through sheer mechanical grip or better electronic strategies I don’t know, but something is definitely working in their favour.

Yellow flags then spoiled the last ditch efforts of many riders who had their laps cancelled including Remy Gardner who finished the session tenth.

Scott Redding didn’t manage to turn a wheel until the dying minutes of this FP2 session. The team busy trying to find some mechanical gremlins lurking in the BMW while all Scott could do was sit in his pit box in leathers in the hope that they got it going. They finally did but it only really gave the Briton time to shake down the bike and himself and he could make no impression on the time-sheets.

On combined times Bautista leads Locatelli and Lecuona, that latter pair both setting their best time this morning.

World Superbike FP2 Times

  1. Bautista 1m30.623
  2. Rinaldi 1m31.157
  3. Oettl 1m31.449
  4. Petrucci 1m31.538
  5. Gerloff 1m31.714
  6. Aegerter 1m31.720
  7. Locatelli 1m31.721
  8. Lowes 1m31.774
  9. Lecuona 1m31.800
  10. Gardner 1m31.836
  11. Baldassarri 1m31.882
  12. Van der Mark 1m31.891
  13. Razgatlioglu 1m32.115
  14. Rea 1m32.144
  15. Vierge 1m32.207
  16. Bassani 1m32.217
  17. Baz 1m32.246
  18. Redding 1m32.856
  19. Sykes 1m33.179
  20. Konig 1m33.289
  21. Syahrin 1m33.713
  22. Granado 1m34.175

World Superbike Friday Combined Times

  1. Bautista 1m30.623
  2. Locatelli 1m31.069
  3. Lecuona 1m31.129
  4. Rinaldi 1m31.157
  5. Rea 1m31.304
  6. Van der Mark 1m31.410
  7. Oettl 1m31.449
  8. Lowes 1m31.459
  9. Petrucci 1m31.538
  10. Razgatlioglu 1m31.560
  11. Gardner 1m31.655
  12. Gerloff 1m31.714
  13. Aegerter 1m31.720
  14. Baldassarri 1m31.822
  15. Redding 1m31.965
  16. Vierge 1m31.972
  17. Bassani 1m31.980
  18. Baz 1m32.246
  19. Konig 1m32.786
  20. Sykes 1m33.015
  21. Syahrin 1m33.713
  22. Granado 1m34.175

Phillip Island WorldSBK/ASBK Race Schedule

Friday 24 February 2023
Start Finish Class Session
Laps Distance
0740 0750 Timekeeping Track System Test
0810 0820 FIM Medical Inspection /// FIM Track Inspection
0850 0910 Australian Supersport 300 FP    
0915 0940 Australian Supersport FP    
0945 1015 Australian Superbike FP1    
1030 1115 WorldSSP FP1    
1130 1215 WorldSBK FP    
1225 1255 ASBK Pillion Rides
1305 1325 Australian Supersport 300 Q    
1335 1355 Australian Supersport Q    
1405 1435 Australian Superbike FP2    
1500 1545 WorldSSP FP2    
1600 1645 WorldSBK FP2    
1705 Australian Supersport 300 R1 8 35.56km
Saturday 25 February 2023
Start Finish Class Session Laps Distance
0740 0750 Timekeeping Track System Test
0810   0820 FIM Medical Inspection /// FIM Track Inspection
0900 0920 Australian Superbike Q
0940 Australian Supersport 300 R2 8 35.56km
1015 Australian Supersport R1 10 44.45km
1050 1120 WorldSBK FP3
1140 Australian SuperbikeR1 12 53.34km
1225 1245 WorldSSP  Superpole
1310 1325 WorldSBK  Superpole
1340 1410 Pit Walk 1 & Safety Car Laps
1430 WorldSSP R1 18 80.01km
1505 1535 ASBK Pillion Rides
1600 WorldSBK R1 22 97.79km
1720 Australian Supersport R2 10 44.45km
Sunday 26 February 2023
Start  Finish  Session  Session Laps Distance
0800 0810 Timekeeping Track System Test
0830  0840 FIM Medical Inspection /// FIM Track Inspection
0910 Australian Supersport 300 R3 8 35.56km
0945 Australian Superbike R2 12 53.34km
1030 1045 WorldSBK WUP
1055 1110 WorldSSP WUP
1130 Australian Supersport R3 10 44.45km
1200 1235 Pit Walk 2 & Safety Car Laps ASBK Presentations on Podium
1300 WorldSBK SPRace 10 44.45km
1340 Australian Superbike R3 12 53.34km
1430 WorldSSP R2   80.01km
1505 1535 ASBK Pillion Rides ASBK Presentations on Podium
1600 WorldSBK R3 22 97.79km

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