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Viewer Questions ~ Podcast Episode 63 – Humble Mechanic

Hey everyone. Today I am answering your automotive related questions that you have sent to Charles(at)humblemechanic(dot)com and put question for Charles in the subject. I really love doing the Q&A shows. It gives me an idea where  you guys are at, and the topics that you want to know about. If you send in a question and don’t here the answer, send it again. It may have got eaten by the spam monster.

Sponsor of the dayrain eater logo
I would like to welcome RainEater wiper blades to the community. They have joined up to help bring you the show. I did a review of RainEater wipers a few weeks ago. They loved the community and wanted to be a part of it. So check out that review, and check out their blades at They even demo their blades on a windshield covered in mustard.

Join me today as I take your automotive questions on:

  • Will I be going to Southern Worthersee
  • A promotion at the shop
  • Welcoming a new sponsor
  • More about what it means to be a Humble Mechanic Sponsor
  • Replacing a part vs replacing just a seal
  • 2.0t TSI engine oil leaks
  • Earning other’s trust
  • Getting along with other techs
  • People having faith in your work
  • Why would a part NOT be replaced under warranty
  • How the VW Dual Mass Flywheel fails
  • Buying a certified pre-owed VW
  • Possible issues with a 2011 VW GTI
  • SOWO 2013
  • And more

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Old school VWs at Southern Worthersee

Old school VWs at Southern Worthersee

As always I love to hear your thoughts. Please post them in the comments section below. Again, if you have a question for a show like this, email me Charles(at)humblemechanic(dot)com with Question for Charles in the subject. Also if you have an idea for a show you can email me, or use the contact me form!

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