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The secrets of the new Red Bull RB19 revealed

The first day of testing in Bahrain allowed us to observe the RB19 up close for the first time. As we have previously mentioned, Red Bull’s latest car faithfully reflects the RB18 but, as we have also mentioned before, it is a disguised revolution.

The details of this revolution can be seen in several elements. What stood out the most was not the increase of the channel between the lower profile of the sides and the bottom, but rather how Adrian Newey and his colleagues interpreted the rule which requires the raising of the diffuser throat by 10mm.

This change was brought in for 2023 to prevent the porpoising effect which plagued many teams last season.

Red Bull introduce diffuser ‘bulge’

An extremely relevant clue in this sense is represented by a longitudinal bulge (circled below) present in the rear internal part of the diffuser. In detail, this bulge shows how far the throat of the diffuser has been advanced compared to the previous car.

This implies a different management of the underlying flow as well as a different aerodynamic balance of the single-seater.

Front developments

The front end is completely new, not only through a different, squarer section of the nose, but with revised attachment points of the flaps.

Revised sidepod geometry

The packaging inside the sidepods has been modified, with a smaller volume of the cooling system, which has made it possible to increase the channel between the lower profile of the sides and the floor. By reducing the volume of the radiators, their heat exchange will inevitably be reduced.

To keep the operating temperatures of the power unit under control, the gills at the base of the engine cover have been increased.

All in all, the Red Bull RB19 is a very sophisticated car, with Newey paying much more attention to substance than to appearances.

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