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Tech reaction: The intriguing new Red Bull RB19 floor design

Red Bull managed to put off unveiling their car until the last possible moment. A livery-only car launch ensured nobody was given any images of their design developments.

Whilst their 2023 car conformed to the ‘evolution’ prediction, RacingNews365’s technical expert Paolo Filisetti provides his first thoughts on the initial images of the RB19:

“The floor is very interesting, because we see that the diffuser channel has been moved forward towards the floor.

“If you look from the side, it is possible to see a bulge where the diffuser enters the floor. Including the raised ‘throat’ of the diffuser, it is an interesting interpretation of the rules.”

A further in-depth technical analysis of the RB19 from RacingNews365 will be available later, along with other technical insights throughout the three-day test.

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