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Insurers refusing to cover London-based Range Rovers

Neil Thomas, director of investigation services at AX, a vehicle tracking company, says Range Rovers are a profitable target for thieves. “The problem for Range Rovers is not their security; instead, it’s their huge popularity here and abroad. A thief knows they can dispose of one very easily and for a good price so will invest in the technology they need to steal them. We haven’t yet encountered a stolen new-shape Range Rover but when the thieves’ technology catches up, we expect to.”

In a statement, Jaguar Land Rover told Autocar that it takes the issue of vehicle theft very seriously. “We are aware of the impact that this criminality is having on the availability of insurance options for some of our clients,” said a spokesperson. “We are proactively engaging with relevant stakeholders, including insurance providers, to evidence how we are improving vehicle security and providing measures to counter this type of activity. 

“We recommend that clients use all available measures to protect their vehicle, including activating our ‘Remote’ app and its suite of security features including ‘Guardian Mode’, which monitors the vehicle and provides an alert if the car has been unlocked.”

How hard is it to insure a Range Rover in London?

Posing as a central London resident we attempted to insure a nearly new Range Rover SV P510E costing £209,786 on a fully comprehensive basis. generated just seven quotes ranging from £4351 to £5952, with a £1250 excess.

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