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How To Find The BEST Auto Mechanic ~ Episode 65 – Humble Mechanic

Before we get rolling I have to say I use the word “guy” to mean both men and women. I often say things like “How are you guys doing” regardless of the gender of people that I am talking to. Okay, now let’s talk about finding your “guy”.

Everyone likes to have “their guy”. It does’t matter if it’s cars, tattoos, electrical and so on. When you have an issue, we like to have our person on the inside to help us out. Today we are going to talk about some ways that we might find “our guy” in the automotive world.

Join me today as we chat about:

  • The person working on your car may be more important than the place
  • Not all techs are “A” techs
  • Not all “A” techs are nice people
  • Find someone you gel with
  • Starting with a good shop is a good idea
  • Interview a tech
  • Asking co-workers
  • Facebook Groups
  • Other drivers
  • What to do when you find “your guy”
  • and more

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