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Full weather forecast for 2023 F1 pre-season testing

One reason why Formula 1 has shifted pre-season testing to Bahrain for 2023 is so the teams can enjoy and make the most of the favourable weather conditions.

As opposed to the cold, wet foggy conditions often encountered in Spain at this time of year when testing is usually on, by shifting to the venue for the first race, teams will be able to enjoy consistent, warm weather with which they can pile up the laps and log all the data they need.

That being said, as the Sakhir International Circuit is in the middle of a desert, sand storms are a problem, especially when high winds are about – as was memorably the case in 2021 when it seemed as if testing had shifted to Mars!

Below is a full weather forecast for F1 2023 pre-season testing.

Pleasant weather for testing

Temparatures for testing are expected to be in the mid-to-high 20 degree Celsius region, with the mercury falling as the sun goes down in the afternoon sessions.

Winds are expected to be light, coming from the West and South-West, which translates to cross-winds on both the pit and back-straights which run in a roughly North/South direction.

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