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Dacia Jogger Hybrid 140 2023 first drive

On the plus side, the Jogger Hybrid more than makes good on its fuel-economy promises. Over a mixed test route, it returned 58mpg, which is more than its WLTP figure. Even after being thrashed up and down a mountain road, it refused to dip under 50mpg.

That’s an excellent result, but the 1.0 TCe is hardly thirsty either, which means you’re unlikely to ever recoup the additional purchase cost of the Hybrid. Prices start at £22,595 for an Expression model, which is a hefty £4150 more than a 1.0 TCe in the same trim and £5450 more than one in Essential trim (which isn’t available on the Hybrid).

As long as you don’t mind having a clutch pedal and six gears to negotiate (Dacia actually does quite a pleasing manual shift), the 1.0 TCe generally offers a more enjoyable driving experience, so we would recommend that you save some cash by sticking with that.

However, it’s worth remembering that while the Hybrid is pricier than the 1.0 TCe, it’s still an incredible bargain compared with absolutely everything else. Anything vaguely comparable, from the Toyota Corolla Touring Sports to Volkswagen’s Caddy MPV, costs several thousand pounds more. Dacias have pretty strong residual values as well, which keeps the monthlies very attractive too.

We still prefer the even cheaper petrol version, but if an automatic gearbox is a must, the Hybrid is a two-pedal Jogger with excellent economy that retains almost everything we like about the standard car.

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