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Christian Horner and Toto Wolff find common ground on FIA issues: “For once, I agree with Toto!” | F1

FIA president Mohammed Ben Sulayem was absent from an F1 Commission meeting where new rules were finalised, having confirmed that he would step back from day-to-day dealings.

Ben Sulayem has been under intense scrutiny – including from F1 team principals – but instead the F1 Commission was chaired by Nikolas Tombazis, who has taken over daily control, and Stefano Domenicali, the F1 CEO.

Mercedes boss Wolff said: “We have a structure now that is very clear. Nikolas chaired the last commission. We have a lot on the agenda, short and long term.

“What we need to try to achieve is to work together pragmatically. Lots of objectives are aligned  in having the best, robust regulations and policing to put on a great show.”

Red Bull boss Horner said: “For once, I agree with everything Toto said!

“It is an evolution. There are big topics that need to be dealt with, particularly 2026.

“We need to make sure the engine world, the chassis world, and the product of what we want F1 to be all align.

“There is enough time to do that. It needs to be a priority over the coming months.”

New engine regulations will come into place in 2026, opening the door to new manufacturers. Red Bull have already announced a link-up with Ford, and Porsche continue to be linked.

Additional F1 teams on the grid, with Andretti at the forefront, have also been mooted.

Ben Sulayem had defended Andretti’s wish after pushback from existing F1 teams.

New Ferrari team principal Fred Vasseur agreed with Wolff and Horner on the latest FIA changes: “I think it is a good step to start the season with a clear structure.

“It is important to reinforce them, and the financial department.

“This is a modern structure that responds to our needs. There are the right profiles to address the topics that we are facing.”

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