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BSM G87 M2 caught winter testing


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You need to also apply your question as to why they would testing an F90 which is on its way out along with a G80 that has now reached the upper plateau for the model range and a recently launched U11.

I’m obviously just asking, speculating and having some fun with this. None of us know what they’re doing, but I’ll retort with this. When the G87 was still in camo undergoing testing, there was also what looked like an F87 EV testing so it’s not unheard of for BMW to use old models to test. The G80 will be in production until 2027, plenty of time in its lifecycle for other variants should they materialize. Maybe the M2 is just a support car which then raises another question; why bring a high powered RWD M car in the middle of winter in Norway, even if it’s sporting winter tires?

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