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Bottas feels F1 protest rules ‘unnecessary’ after clarification

Valtteri Bottas believes Formula 1’s clamp down on political statements is “unnecessary” despite recent clarification from the FIA.

The updates to the International Sporting Code were made during the off-season to prohibit “political, religious, and personal statements” without prior approval from the FIA.

Following backlash the governing body clarified its position to provide guidelines to drivers on where they can express their views.

While Bottas says the updates are “clear” he believes there needs to be more dialogue between the Grand Prix Drivers Association (GPDA) and the FIA over the matter.

“It is clear, but I still feel it’s a bit unnecessary,” he told media, including

“I think I’m speaking on behalf of all the drivers, we haven’t had a GPDA meeting yet. Hopefully thats soon to discuss and especially with the FIA.”

Bottas ‘not clear’ on whether FIA will accept all permits

Bottas explained that it was “not clear” to the drivers on whether the FIA will issue a permit, which enables them to voice their opinions on certain topics they “push for.”

He explained: “What was new for me and what was not maybe initially communicated is that you can actually raise your voice or push for things that you want if you ask [for] a permit, and if they accept it?

“That’s something that at least you can discuss if it’s okay or not – obviously depending on the topic, and so on. But my view is still that it was unnecessary.”

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