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‘73 Yamaha XS650 “Chrome Dog” from…

Racer Reborn: ‘73 Yamaha XS650 “Chrome Dog” from Tom Gilroy of @purpose_built_moto — a former race bike reborn!

“I worked at creating a timeless piece that would feel at home for a rider young or old. Something that people across a family’s generations could be enamoured with.”

Nickel-plated frame, hydraulic quad leading shoe front drum, Ceriani forks, vintage Marzocchi shocks, custom bodywork, 700cc Hoos kit with ported head and Shell cam, stainless 2-1 intake and 2-1-2 exhaust, @livinlocogarage paint, and much more.

“The torquey power delivery right through the rev range means it’s fun anywhere. The thumping of the engine through the 2-1 exhaust is just something you don’t hear on modern bikes…The visceral rattle and vibration from the 1973 Yamaha almost makes you feel like you’re riding in black and white.”

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