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Watch The World’s Greatest Supercars At Miami Concours 2023

Miami is a paradise for many, whether for the sun, the ocean, or for car enthusiasts, and its streets are filled with some of the greatest cars ever made. That’s why the 2023 Miami Concours was just about guaranteed to be a show to remember, and that’s exactly what it was. Some of the world’s rarest, fastest, most powerful, most expensive, and otherwise most incredible cars were present, and it was all captured for anyone who missed the event to see on YouTube channel Mike Supercars TopSpeed.

Lamborghini was represented as a brand with cars like the limited Centenario and the iconic Diablo, and even the legendary Miura and Countach. Even the Lamborghini Concept S was in attendance. Also there were incredible Ferraris like the Enzo and F40, cars like the incredibly rare and exclusive Bugatti Divo, and Paganis in numbers which are seen in few other places and times besides Pagani’s own factory. If you love supercars, you’re sure to find something that will impress you in this incredible video, and maybe you’ll catch one or more of your favorite cars.

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