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Tech To Be: Honda’s Crash Detection System

There are a lot of things your new smartphone can do today that it couldn’t do a year ago. 

Just last year, Apple introduced crash detection in their IPhone 14 and the latest Apple watches, vying for a safer tomorrow by creating a smoother, accelerated protocol to get first responders to an accident ASAP (via Intego).

Today, tech like this doesn’t seem that out of place… but what if it were embedded into a motorcycle system? 

A few of Honda's offerings. Media sourced from Honda's Facebook page.
A few of Honda’s offerings. Media sourced from Honda’s Facebook page.

You heard right. While Big Red has been working on the goal of “zero collision fatalities by 2050” with the tinkering of artificial intelligence (AI), Honda’s idea of safety begins with sensors – any and all that will be on your person when riding, including the use of senors in the bike herself, as well as any lodged in smartphones, comm units and personal gadgetry.

“Information from three devices gives a ‘higher resolution’ than what the industry currently has to offer, and it can thus provide valuable information to first responders if extra care is needed,” explains coverage from Earl Davidson at RideApart

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A view of a hydrogen bank inside a car. Media sourced from Engadget.
Honda's Rebel. Media sourced from Honda's Facebook page.
Honda’s Rebel. Media sourced from Honda’s Facebook page.

Data collected would purportedly relay the severity of a collision, as well as provide the rider with a crash warning and the option to cancel the alert, should the notice be a false alarm (similar to how Apple’s iPhone counts down before releasing the deafening Emergency SOS alarm, I’d imagine). 

How do you feel about crash detection tech in motorcycles?

*Media sourced from Honda’s Facebook page*

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