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How Aehra is using ‘Lego approach’ to build luxury EVs

Whoever builds the cars, big dreams need big names, and Nada has been building a small but star-studded group of executives (see below) to ensure Aehra matches the best that Bentley, Lamborghini et al have to offer in the design, engineering and technology stakes.

“Within about six months from today,” he says, “the engineering side needs to balloon to about 20-30. On the design side, we will need to add two more people and we’re finished.”

Indeed, the Aehra SUV (yes, that’s its final name) has been revealed in production form and the saloon is set to be unwrapped in the coming months, with the highly anticipated GT halo car to follow by the end of the year.

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It’s difficult not to get excited about the prospect of a family of new enthusiast-focused cars at a time when it seems that such things are fewer and further between than ever before. Making EVs is hard, for sure (look no further than the struggles of Arrival, Faraday Future, Lordstown and Rivian, to name a few), but what if you’re not strictly making them? Then it becomes a lot easier to imagine a future, and it’s entirely possible that rational can breed radical, after all.

Aehra’s all-star crew

Franco Cimatti, chief engineer

A decorated alumnus of Ferrari’s engineering department, Cimatti has over 100 patents to his name and led development of platforms for such icons as the 360 Modena, 612 Scaglietti and 458 Italia. He then moved to Lotus to develop modular EV platforms.

Filippo Perini, chief designer

Having cut his teeth in Alfa Romeo’s design department, Perini became chief exterior designer at Audi in 2003 before moving to Lamborghini in 2004 and putting his name to the Aventador, Huracán and Urus. More recently, he spent three years with Italdesign before a brief stint with Genesis. 

Stefano Mazzetti, head of purchasing and procurement

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