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BRABUS Announces Upgrades For The Mercedes-AMG G 63 4×4 Squared

When it comes to Mercedes-Benz’s model lineup, BRABUS is known for being able to take cars that wear the three-pointed star in front and giving them bewildering looks and performance, but what happens when a car is already ludicrous before BRABUS gets its hands on it? That’s the case for the powerful and prominent Mercedes-AMG G 63 4×4 Squared, and BRABUS has given us its answer to that question.

It comes in the form of the new individualization program that the iconic brand has made available for the opulent SUV, and it features plenty of BRABUS signature touches, like new wheels, carbon fiber throughout, and a revised interior. In addition, BRABUS also offers both its B40-700 and B40S-800 performance upgrades for the model, bringing as much as 800 horsepower into the mix, as well.

As it comes from Mercedes-Benz, the Mercedes-AMG G 63 4×4 Squared is the stuff of dreams: a combination of the power and glitz of the Mercedes-AMG G 63 that is loved by enthusiasts and celebrities alike with the unparalleled off-road capability, presence, and simple height of the iconic Mercedes-Benz G-Class 4×4 Squared. With BRABUS adding its magic Mercedes touch, this is a dream SUV come true.

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