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BikeBound — 421 Cheetah Cub LC: Yamaha RD427LC hybrid special…

421 Cheetah Cub LC: Yamaha RD427LC hybrid special from @thatblackranger8.

Sporting a braced RD250LC frame, Ducati 916 forks, Spondon swingarm, @dymagwheels, bespoke tail unit / saddle, and a 421cc screamer of an engine with TSS crank, Cheetah Cub barrels, Air Stryker carbs, and @mark_performancefab_dent pipes. Dynoed at 95 rwhp:

“Riding the bike is crazy — it doesn’t have power valves so the power delivery once you hit the powerband is such a rush — the power hits all at once. Compared to the stock bike the handling is very good, it feels taut and well balanced thanks to the extensive frame bracing, more modern running gear, lighter wheels, and more modern tyres…”

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