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Viewer Questions Answered ~ Podcast Episode 83 – Humble Mechanic

Like every Monday on the Humble Mechanic Podcast, I take your car questions. Most of the questions are VW related, but they sure don’t have to be. If you would like your automotive question answered on a show like this, email me, Charles(at) HumbleMechanic(DOT)com and put Question for Charles in the subject. Also put your question at the top, then give me the information below. It will help me do a better job answering the question.

Sponsor of the DayCRP AUTO
CRP deals in a ton of OE automotive parts. They also make the factory DSG fluid for VW. Having them as a sponsor will give us access to more information about fluids than I would ever get from VW. I am really excited to have them as a resource of information.You will also be seeing a video coming out soon with some awesome information about coolant. Check out

Join me as I take your car questions on:

  • Reminding a mechanic to do things right
  • What to check for after your car gets repaired
  • Clutch issues on a 1998 1.8t Passat
  • Damage cause by installing the wrong bolt
  • Getting back into the automotive industry
  • No start 2003 Jetta
  • Replacing transmission fluid
  • and more

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As always I love to hear your thoughts. Please post them in the comments section below. Again, if you have a question for a show like this, email me Charles(at)humblemechanic(dot)com with Question for Charles in the subject. Also if you have an idea for a show you can email me, or use the contact me form!

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