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Top Watch News This Week

A quick recap on the luxury watches releases and industry news this week.

Recently, We created duPont REGISTRY Watches as a new Instagram page dedicated to posting the newest and most exclusive luxury timepieces. Today, we have compiled a list of the top watch releases of the week from the best brands in the industry. Click any of the links below for more information on the current watches.

The 10 Most Expensive Watches In The World

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Patek Philippe


Clocking Miles: 3 Spectacular World-Time Watches Worth Your Time

alange main 1140x570 1

A. Lange & Sonhe


Roger Dubuis Reveals Its New $154,500 Excalibur Blacklight Spin-Stone MB

excaliburblacklightspin stonembex950 campaign 1140x570 1

Roger Dubuis

Ulysse Nardin’s New Blast Tourbillon Blue Gold Is The Perfect Example Of Haute Horology

1725 400 3A 3A close up copie 1140x570 1

Ulysse Nardin


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