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No Lewis Hamilton or Sergio Perez | Max Verstappen picks his F1 2023 dream team | F1

In a video posted on Mobil1’s YouTube channel, Verstappen was asked to choose two drivers that would form his dream team.

2021 F1 title rival Hamilton and current Red Bull teammate Sergio Perez were not picked.

His choices, unsurprisingly given his personal relationship with both, was McLaren’s Lando Norris and two-time F1 world champion Fernando Alonso.

“I find it really hard [to pick] the drivers, because I think there are a lot of good drivers,” Verstappen said. “I think I would probably go for an experienced one, so I would go for Fernando. 

“Then I would take a young guy and I would put Lando in the car, so Fernando and Lando.”

It’s not the first time Verstappen has voiced his public support of Norris.

Previously stating: “He’s [Hamilton] is one of the greatest drivers ever in the sport so, for sure, if he has the car to do it then he can fight for the title again. 

“That’s the same for George, for Charles [Leclerc] and for Lando – if you give them a car which is capable of winning a championship, they can.”

In terms of team boss, he opted for Christian Horner.

“Of the current people who are capable of being a team principal, I would always go for Christian,” he added.

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