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GM Patents a New Noise-Canceling Sound System

GM Patents a New Noise-Canceling Sound System

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Remember the good old days when you simply turned up the stereo volume when you had the T-tops out in your C3 Corvette?

Well, those simplistic days are long gone. Witness the space-age patent for a new noise-canceling sound system that’s recently been filed by General Motors with the U.S. Patent and Trade Office, according to a post on CarBuzz.

The new system uses a combination of several sensors to determine how the sound should be adjusted for the passengers amidst a sea of ever-changing conditions.

The ultimate goal is to make sure the sounds in the vehicle are at their optimal levels. In the case of a Corvette, for example, the system could use multiple sensors – including ones picking up sound and even light changes – to determine if, say, the roof panel has been removed and the stereo needs to be louder or noise-canceling needs to be turned on because of wind noise.

But hearing your favorite music isn’t the only concern of this new system. It also aims to make sure the car’s occupants are able to clearly hear warning chimes and alerts.

GM Develops New Noise-Canceling Sound System

Says CarBuzz:

By using multiple sensors and processor modules instead of just one, GM can hone each sensor to look for specific frequencies and sound levels, and the processors can decide on the best plan of action, sometimes even deciding that no change is needed.

If all this seems like a little overkill, the high-tech system aims to keep passengers from missing important warning chimes or perhaps critical sounds like an approaching fire truck, ambulance, or police car.

No word yet on when the new system might be available



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