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Gear Specialist Kenny Racing Presents Its New Titanium Knee Brace

It goes without saying that road-riding equipment has advanced leaps and bounds in recent years, both in terms of styling and safety. Nowadays, it’s hard to distinguish a motorcycle-specific jacket from a standard dress jacket, as well as a pair of riding jeans from regular street wear.

In a similar vein, off-road riding gear has improved quite a lot, too, and for good reason, as injuries and accidents are so much more likely in an off-road scenario. For starters, not only do you have to worry about the impact of hitting the ground, but also other mechanisms of injury resulting from uneven terrain. In most cases, crashing off-road doesn’t involve sliding, but rather tumbling and cartwheeling, resulting in multiple orthopedic injuries. This is why boots and knee braces are so important when riding off-road.

While motocross and enduro-specific knee pads and braces can be eye-wateringly expensive, there are more affordable alternatives, especially to those who are more casual off-roaders. For folks who like exploring the backcountry roads and light trails aboard their dual-sport machines, Kenny Racing has a new titanium knee brace on offer. Kenny Racing is a French brand that has been in the off-road gear and equipment industry for more than 40 years now. It has made a name for itself in the world of racing, too, and offers helmets, gloves, and various protection systems.

As for the Titanium knee guards, they’re aimed at the entry-level market, and are designed to provide adequate protection to the knees and shins without restricting range of motion. They feature a pre-formed construction and an asymmetrical design optimized to facilitate movement of each leg. They also come with a double-joint pivot system to make the bending of the knee much more natural, without the knee brace shifting every time you move. They also prevent hyperextension of the joint in the event of a drop or crash.

Kenny Racing’s knee brace is secured by three Velcro straps which are completely adjustable for the perfect fit. The brace also has a hypoallergenic lining. Its slim profile means that it can be worn underneath your riding pants for a more discreet look. In terms of safety, the knee brace is CE-certified in compliance to the EN162-1:2012 safety standard. They retail for 79.95 Euros, or approximately $85 USD.

Gear Specialist Kenny Racing Presents Its New Titanium Knee Brace

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