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Ferrari SF-23 on track for its 100 km with surprising medium-downforce wing

Scuderia Ferrari had their first real taste of the track at their home circuit (Fiorano) last week, following the official presentation of the SF-23 car, which had a rather surprising first aerodynamic configuration. It could in fact not be a significant aspect, nevertheless it is curious that the new car designed in Maranello was running using a medium-load wing with a 2022 specification, which appeared for the first time in the Canadian Grand Prix on the F1-75 car of Charles Leclerc, and then was widely used on the 2022 Ferrari cars on types of circuits very different from that of Fiorano and above all that of Bahrain, which requierd a medium-high downforce configuration. As far as a shakedown is concerned, the use of highly charged elements is usually expected.

There are two possible scenarios: either Ferrari has a high-load wing for the Sakhir circuit which it did not want to show, but could still have fitted the old Bahrain specification, or the Italian side may be considering to use less loaded wings on the SF-23. Already the first day of pre-season testing session at the Bahrain International Circuit, but above all the first Grand Prix will clarify whether basically the SF-23 will be able to run with a lower-downforce configuration having undoubtedly increased the air flow towards the rear. That would be very positive in terms of performance, however it should be clarified that it would seem very surprising to see that specification as definitive for Bahrain. Sakhir is a track limited at the rear by many slow corners, where maximum solidity is required at the rear. It would be smarter to use it in Jeddah where last year the F1-75 had a more loaded wing and paid the price for the lower efficiency of its DRS system as compared to rivals Red Bull.

Meanwhile, the Maranello team arrived between Sunday and yesterday in Bahrain where, during the three days of pre-season testing scheduled from this Thursday, they will seek the long-awaited confirmations regarding above all the ever-dreaded wind tunnel correlation, which has to be checked every a team get out on the track for the first time.

As for the Ferrari line up, there are no surprises: Charles Leclerc and Carlos Sainz will certainly take turns driving every day, just like Haas, as opposed to Red Bull (and Williams) who have decided to dedicate a day each to each driver, the first for Max Verstappen, the last for Sergio Perez, with the central one divided.

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