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The American Powertrain Monday Shift: Ripping Lenco Levers With The Front End Up – Like A BOSS!

The American Powertrain Monday Shift: Ripping Lenco Levers With The Front End Up – Like A BOSS!

The only thing cooler than a Lenco transmission is a Lenco transmission being shifted with the front end three feet in the air, right? This video has all of that action and while we’re pretty short on details we can tell you that the car is about as mean a bare bones racer as you can possible get inside. The bars for the cage and chassis are running around, the transmission is totally exposed with its ballistic blanket on it, and the driver has a little Racepak IQ sitting on the steering column. Other than that this thing has less going on inside of it than an isolation cell at a Federal prison. Hey, extra stuff means extra weight and that doesn’t help anyone go quicker or faster, right?

We’re pretty sure the car is a 1967 Pontiac Firebird and we do know from the title of the video that it packs a 427ci small block Chevy engine. We’re either going to be totally right or really wrong if we mention the driver being Clint Hagedorn so we’re going all in with that piece of info.

As you will see, the revs come up, the clutch comes out, and clint does what drives do, he drives that sucker! Making the first shift with the front end up he pulls the second Lenco lever just as the nose is landing and while he certainly puts some english in the steering wheel when the thing is airborne, it is never out of his control. This looks like an e-ticket ride to us and a perfect addition to the ever growing Parting Shift library.

Press play to see this awesome gear grabbing wheels up run

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